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Running the dream

A dream come true.
In 2021 Molly Seidel won bronze at the Olympics for Team USA in her third marathon ever. It’s an outstanding achievement from our talented PUMA family member.

Hi, I’m Molly Seidel

Learn more about Molly, her training, what’s most important to her in life as an athlete and what she dreams of.

chapter 1

Running Is Life

“I love the feeling of running. I love everything about it. but I also love being able to push myself and see how far I can go.”


“I’m not thinking about Olympic medals when I’m out there training, but I am thinking about, I know that I can be one of the best in the world.”

“...going up and running was the easiest way for my brain to work”

Find out how Molly stays motivated, about the epic year 2021, and joining the puma family.

Molly’s Drive
Molly’s Drive
Puma Family
Epic Year
“I just love running.”
“I just love running.”
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Chapter 2

Important Things

“I believe that the most important factors for being able to run sustainably are being honest with your body and staying in tune with your body.”

“...If you push too hard, it isn’t going to be there on race day. You have to leave something in the tank.”

“...sometimes I feel like my lungs can keep going forever”

Learn more about MOLLY’s strength as a distance runner, the importance of mindfulness, and her dream team.

Important factors
Important factors
Greatest strength
Dream team
Being in tune

“I have an incredible team around me and I think that factors into my success more than anything.”

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Chapter 3

Perfect Match